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Investment Scams

Where can we invest our money without risk and gain astronomical returns?  that’s the question that The Fraudster hopes we are asking when approached by an investment genius  using all the tools of the trade available in the digital era – web pages- phones- and in person.  The Fraudster has developed a well recognized – but all too often successful approach to defraud us and our elders of their money.

We highlight and expose The Fraudsters approach through our video production meant to inform, educate, and promote the avoidance and prevention of investment fraud.

Please join in this campaign by viewing and sharing our production at:

We hope that you find it not only educational but also entertaining.

Lottery Scams

The Fraudster’s lottery scams have been around for decades and after all of this time you would expect they have grown ineffective – however – according to our islands Partnership Against Fraud this is not the case.  The Fraudster has honed this scam and fully utilizes digital technology as well as the post with continued success in defrauding the vulnerable of their money – by – “you’ve won the lottery – however – you have to p[ay an advanced fee in order to process and deliver your winnings – and – too often – we part with our money – continuing to finance The Fraudster.

Our weapon against The Fraudster is through video wherein we inform, educate, and promote avoidance and prevention of scams.

To access our production go to:

View and share with your loved ones and help us and yourselves lead lottery scams into the dustbin of history.

The Fraudster

Every morning and every evening one of our phones ring – checking caller id – most often the calls are:

“out of area”

area codes 202 -204- 206

arkansas, florida, oregon

and we’ve learned to ignore because it’s Fraudster using telephone services apparently available for their use with impunity to at least harass if not take in the unwary for access to their computers, collect personal identification information for ID theft, or defraud money.

So, it’s time to fight back not just by ignoring Fraudster but to demand active steps be taken to defeat Fraudster not just through the phone lines, but also, internet, and in person.

Our effort in this regard is through video production to inform, educate, and promote avoidance and prevention of fraud in all its forms.  Awareness by itself is not enough because even though Fraudster may not be able to get to you – Fraudster is out there trolling for victims on a massive scale.  Why should Fraudster enjoy the benefits of the digital age to defraud?  Why should Fraudster operate with seeming impunity in the digital age?  Fraudster is a criminal – an enterprise – an industry – organized – deceptive – a gamer – Fraudster needs to be behind bars and deprived of the very tools which Fraudster uses with such depravity – feeding on the vulnerable – the innocent – anyone and everyone lured into traps using the very tools which are supposed to be used for humanities benefits.  Fraudster does not care about anyone – only money.

So we’ve created and are feeding our Channel ‘The Fraudster’ with our productions actively exposing Fraudster and his various schemes to target you and your families and in this way informing, educating, and promoting avoidance and prevention of fraud.

Join us in our battle against The Fraudster while – hopefully – you also find our series entertaining.