Zminyty Sebe

Viewed a TED presentation made by the new president of Ukraine – Poroshenko – in which his opinion to begin the process of transformation in Ukraine from its many weaknesses is for Ukrainians to Zminyty Sebe – roughly translated into changing even transforming themselves.


From this vantage point what are some of the characteristics he may be or did outline in his presentation?


A culture of corruption which pervades every segment of Ukrainian society from president (a la yanuocvych) down through the lowest level of public servant – in business- everything.


Women in the prostitution and slave trade – looking for any way out of their desperation over life in Ukraine.


Lack of national unity – be it over almost anything from politics – economics – history – culture – language and as manifested by the overwhelming number of political parties and some bizarre drive to become a supreme leader (qualified or not – experienced or not does not matter). And when it comes to leadership give me somebody – anybody other than a fellow Ukrainian.


Lack of communications where emotions so heavily outweigh judgment that ther is no judgment.


A belief that somehow Meni sia Nalezytsha – somebody including you owe me something. Only God knows why but it is a very strong feeling.


And the worst – Ukraine – during the soviet era was considered as growing and sustaining the perfect soviet man.


Now the above may be full of overstatement – reading it wrong – or whatever but the fact that remains is that there are so many divisive characteristics that it makes creating government of national unity is seemingly impossible and has at best led to ineffective and too often criminally corrupt where the populace has not trust – no confidence in government and so there is a yearning in too many quarters for the security provided during the soviet era – of course forgetting 70 years of misrule, stagnation, cultural induced coma, and worst of all lack of freedom, information, and minds made up by propaganda and party aparatchiks amongst other factors which led to the collapse of that system from its own weight – and which – of course is being attempted to resurrect under putin and his putinites and Stalinists.


So where can Ukrainians start to understand themselves and make their won decision to Zminyty Sebe?


As bad as it is putin has provided the opportunity of the new millennia – he is threatening the existence of Ukraine – Ukraines culture – diversity – and ability to plot its own destiny. It is a well known fact of living existence that when you are backed into a corner you either submit or you defend yourself with absolute determination to thwart the event. Ukraine is at this crossroad already having temporarily ceded to Crimeas annexation to putin land and is in trouble with regards to Eastern Ukraine and struggling. To add to the existential threat Ukrainians have woken up to a simple fact – business interests and putins money trump any consideration of meaningfully raising an international deterrent against putins aggression. The EU and US are toothless and Canada is not a significiant enough player to raise a deterrent.


So if Ukrainians are looking to be saved by a white Litzar forget it – it will not happen. And as for the former soviet union republics – listen carefully they are happy Ukraine is putins focus and the longer the turmoil and putins focus are turned there the better they will feel.


So Ukrainians indeed are backed into a corner and if they persist on acting the ways of the past – lessons learned – get ready to welcome putin to Kiev and or leave the country as do too many Ukrainian who wind up as prostitutes and/or slaves leaving their country and depriving it of their better selves.