Leadership Lessons to be Learned

Leadership is a major concern in all aspects of our lives today – be it in communities – organization – politics – religion – military and is the subject of continuous inquiry – research – literature – and film.  Our Production of Warrior Begins is a documentary short video that informs, educates, and promotes leadership principles of legendary General “Chesty” Puller and illustrates how they impact the formation of a young man aspiring to be a Warrior.

There are three reasons behind Warrior Begins.

The first is because “Chesty” Puller’s status within today’s Marine Corp is legendary and warrants recognition and for those young men and women who aspire to be Warriors in today’s military can be inspired by  his principles of leadership in their own careers.

The second reason is because “Chesty” recognized that a leaders most critical resource are the people being led.  Why?  Because they have the knowledge and experience from which to draw to be a successful leader – and so – forming bonds with – in his case – Non-Commissioned Officers – was a key to his success on the battlefield.  In our video he discusses other aspects that were keys to this bonding – principles that are even more critical today – particularly in technology fields.

The third reason is that “Warrior” Reservists and Veterans are present in todays workforces – so – our video informs, educates, and promotes understanding what molded and will continue to influence their behavior in the workforce – take for example the view of the Marine Corp – there’s no such person as an ex-Marine!

Our two actors – Anthony Aaron Harper and Marcelo Sanz – took on the unenviable tasks of – in Aaron’s case – playing the role of our aspiring Marine Warrior – and Marcelo – that of “Chesty” – and the results are a great performance.

We include a great number of images of Marines both from Chesty’s and contemporary times to bridge time periods in demonstrating the lasting value of “Chesty’s” legacy of leadership principles.

Shot in Hawaii – where “Chesty” commanded the Marine Corp Barracks after WWII along with music add to the value of Warrior Begins.

We will be updating this site quickly to catch up to where we are in the production cycle for Warrior Begins


Follows conceptualization to distribution of a documentary short video about legendary USMC General "Chesty" Puller's leadership principles.